Tuesday, 1 April 2014

This is no April fool's joke!

I’ve been taught as a child to always stay humble, keep your feet on the ground and show a lot of appreciation for opportunity instead of bragging. Well I really appreciate the good place that Earthstompers is in at the moment, but I would like to brag a bit. I will come back down to earth after this blog post and work even harder to keep the high standard we set over the last 8 years, but firstly I want to brag a bit, I want to show off!

I want to brag a bit with having the best staff. Nicole, Steph, thank you for being so great at what you do. Thank you for bringing back happy clients week after week! Chrissy, thank you for organizing my life and organizing all tourists and keeping Earthstompers up to the latest trends. You all work so hard and always go the extra mile for Earthstompers. I want to brag because we use the best accommodation, serve the best food and do the coolest activities. Thanks everybody for your hard work.

I want to brag about 65 excellent reviews on TripAdvisor, ALL of our reviews are 5 stars. I want to brag because we are ranked number 10 of 173 tour companies, and number 15 of 336 activities in Cape Town! I want to brag because we won “Awards of Excellence” 3 years running!

I want to brag because 2013 was our biggest year ever, but in January 2014 we hosted 233% more guests than in 2013, February 83% more and March 23% more than the previous year! This gives us 72% more guests already than in 2013, with April, May and June also looking like it is going to kick 2013’s butt!

Now I’m finished bragging, I’m coming back down to earth, I’m going back to work, I’m going to work as hard as always to make sure I can write a brag blog again in 2015. I’m keeping my feet solidly on the ground but my chest will stay swollen with pride.

Hendrik Human