Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Our Guests

So, who comes on Earthstompers tours anyway?

I've been keeping statistics about our guests since the beginning of the new year, so that we can get a better idea where our guests come from, how old they are, and how they heard about Earthstompers. I'm curious to see the trends over time.

March was an awesome month for us:

  • Total guests: 44
    campfire conversation
  • Gender: 30 women, 14 men
  • Average age: 32
  • Nationality: (the Germans win, as usual!)
    • 12 Germans 
    • 7 Americans
    • 6 Brits
    • 4 Norwegians
    • 2 Dutch
    • 2 Australians
    • 2 South Africans
    • 2 Swiss
    • 2 Canadians
    • 2 Danes
    • 1 Egyptian
    • 1 Austrian
    • 1 Russian
I had the pleasure of tagging along on one of the tours this month.  When I looked at the statistics about the group ahead of time, I was a little unsure of how it was going to go - we had a a few people in their 60s, some young Americans, two South Africans from Johannesburg....but it turned out to be one of the nicest groups I've been a part of.  Jan Pieter and his wife Karen won over their younger companions immediately by taking over the middle of the dance floor on Tuesday evening.  The two South Africans, Sizwe & Diako, had never explored this part of their country, and it was a pleasure to see their faces light up everywhere we went.  When it came time for goodbyes, Kevin from New York City impressed all of us with an impromptu speech:

It's moments like this that make us so happy to be operating this business.


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