Sunday, 14 October 2012

Trans Baviaans 2012 - Mountain Biking - Team Earthstompers

Earthstompers had the opportunity to sponsor Cycling Shirts and T-Shirts to a team of 3 Mountain Bikers, Team Earthstompers: Aldo Bruwer, Piere Rossouw and Nichol Jordaan for the 2012 Trans Baviaans Mountain Bike Race.

The Trans Baviaans is one of the toughest single stage Mountain Bike races in the world, Mountain Bikers have to cover 230 km in 24 hours to qualify for a medal in a single stage through some tough terrain through an unmarked route, a big part is during the night. This is a true test of team work and endurance. Well done to Team Earthstompers for finishing in 14 hours.

Are you thinking of doing some mountain biking on the numerous exciting trials whilst in South Africa? Contact Earthstompers and we can arrange Customised Mountain Bike Tours through the Western and Eastern Cape area. We are blessed to have some of the most spectacular mountain bike routes through the Garden Route. We can take you over mountains, through indigenous forest, along rivers and lakes, some breathtaking ocean views and even through Game Parks watch this youtube clip: Mountain biking in Africa.

Video and Photo credit to Nichol Jordaan
Team Earthstompers Video 

Team Earthstompers - Aldo, Piere and Nichol

Nichol Jordaan


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